ZOLON tool brand was founded in 2021, the founder determined to implement the domestication of industrial tools, is a rising star in the field of Industrial tools in China. The company's products cover general turning tools, milling tools, drilling tools, threading tools, grooving tools, PCD/CBN superhard tools, and other tool systems. Relying on years of industry experience, the team focuses on providing users with high-quality industrial tool solutions to help enterprises effectively improve work efficiency and product quality.

ZOLON now has professional product technical engineers and after-sales service team, with a number of well-known enterprises to form long-term cooperation, at the same time for the global customers to provide professional tool products and technical guidance.

Brand adhering to the "from the beginning of user demand, to customer satisfaction", at the same time around the "quality strong enterprise, service flourishing enterprise" concept of development, continue to create industry integrity of the century brand.